Inspection Time!!

As we are preparing for inspection, this section of the website will likely be updated more infrequently as we are currently re-organizing and structuring the way things are done throughout the battalion. This requirement currently needs all hands on deck to help with that task, which, generally speaking, includes me, the S6.

For the next month and a half until inspection, we will be performing cadet challenge, forming a drill team, and reworking all internal binders and orders that we have not yet done. This is certainly crunch time to assure that we can provide the experience all of us have received to future students and cadets. It truly means a lot to have been apart of JROTC. To have taught and been taught so much in the 4 years I have been here truly compels me to fight for the program here. I thought I should write this down for the next student who wants to leave or maybe even an S6 a decade from now.

– c/CPT Graves, S6, Senior 2017-2018

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