The season has begun! Practice is every Monday 3-6 and Wednesday 3-5. Be sure to bring water, running shoes, appropriate clothing for running and make sure to have clothing that you aren’t afraid to get dirty because we will be working on the raider range.

2019/2020 Commanders: c/Cpt Hickman and c/CPT Massengill

Raider 1SG: TBA

Color guard/Drill team:

Practice every Tuesday in the bay 3-5.

CSM: c/CSM Philip Herrin

1SG: C/

Rifle Team:

Usually, practice is every Monday 3-5 and Wednesday 3-5. Matches on Thursday. Updates will be made on when the season starts.

2019/2020Commander: TBA

Rifle Team 1SG: TBA


Both teams meet in the JROTC room every Monday and Wednesday first half of lunch. Leadership team meets in the upstairs room, and Academic team meets downstairs in the lower classroom.

Leadership Commanders: Cdt/Cpt Rosecrants

Academic Commander: Cdt/Cpt Mahan

Interact club:

Meet in Chiefs room every Tuesday and Friday first half of lunch.


President: Shelby Roberts

Vice President: Hailey Tshantz

Secretary: Tabitha Morning Dove Rose

Treasurer: Kady Jenkins

Director: Lilly McCollum



Leadership Books Online

LET 1 Book
LET 2 Book
LET 3 Book
LET 4 Book

Description of Teams:


Raiders is a high-adventure team that focuses on team building and fitness to win in competitions against other Raider teams nearby. It is described as one of the most fun teams of our three, as there is never a moment you stop. At competitions, we compete for about 15 hours straight. You move from event to event, rarely taking a break, other than for lunch and water of course.

Color guard:

Color guard is the most precise and coordinated team we have. You will learn how to do drill better. You are involved in “color guards” around the community and before athletic games start here at the high school. For those who like precision, color guard is most definitely for you.

Rifle Team:

In Rifle Team, you shoot at paper targets 10m(~33ft) away with pellet guns. You learn how to breathe correctly to shoot well, and you compete at rifle competitions at nearby schools against other rifle teams.

Drill Team:

The Drill Team focuses on facing movements and drill. This year the team may compete.

Interact club:

The Interact Club is a community service club. Gives cadets the opportunity to help our community. Students will come up with ideas of ways that they could help throughout our community.

Curriculum-Based Teams

Academic team:

In academic team, students study academic subjects such as English, reading, mathematics, science, history, current events, as well as JROTC curriculum.

Leadership team:

In leadership team, you are taught on an array of subject under the JROTC curriculum.

Both teams are student-lead, and compete against other schools all across the nation. In a team advances past the first two rounds, they have a chance to compete in Washington DC. Both teams will also help strengthen study skills and knowledge in preparation for the ACT/SAT tests.