Winning Colors

Winning colors is a description of the personalities inside society and inside yourself. Winning colors will teach you how most everyone in the world functions, and where you yourself fit into that. This segment of the JROTC curriculum is as in depth as you want it to be.

Brown: If you look at the brown square above and find that those words resonate with you, you might be a brown. Generally speaking, browns are very hard workers, and naturally lead people if almost by accident. Many times, browns need a green to be around them to better optimise where they work and what they are doing.

Green: Greens are those among us who find the best way to do things, and they sometimes lack the drive to do those things themselves. You tend to see many greens as advisors, planners, architects, or maybe even the S6.

Red: Reds are almost not in the societal picture at all. These are the people who really don't care for rules because they can see past them, for one reason or another. Most reds are very relaxed and easy going, because they feel no pressure from society or anything. In many ways, this is the personality that most people wish they could have-carefree and relaxed. Some people, like many greens and browns, simply cannot turn themselves off. Reds, however, can.

Blue: Blues are the counselors and psychologists of the world. These people are the people who understand the dynamic of people and how to resolve the internal issues people have. Keep in mind that not every blue is as effective as any other, but for the most part, this holds true.